When Aging at Home isn’t Working

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Posted on Feb 21, 2020

At some point you may have to decide to make other arrangements for your parents or loved one if the level of care has changed or there are concerns for the safety and well being of the parent is in question. The comfort and safety of the loved one is the most important reason to seek outside assistance.

Long term skilled nursing facilities may be the answer for someone requiring skilled nursing care and round the clock supervision. Professional care, round the clock at home can often be cost restrictive and not a likely alternative. As a primary caregiver for a parent it is a huge burden to have to make this decision. The guilt, shame and general apprehension about having to make this decision is probably the most difficult decision you will make.

As an adult child you have responsibilities to your existing family, your job, and to make sure you make the right decision you can live with. Get advice from other siblings and have questions ready while you check out facilities. But once you chose what direction to go, move forward. You can only do your very best to find them the right place to live out their lives. If you have confidence in the facility let them do their job. Visit often, advocate for your loved one, and bring small tokens of appreciation occasionally to the staff at the facility. When you check on your loved one you will be better equipped to spend quality time with them.

And quality time is better for everyone! When in-home care is no longer an option, please reach out to Comforts of Home for guidance.

Get your questions answered by connecting with a reliable source. Your Comforts of Home is always available to guide you with resources.



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