Traits that Every Great Caregiver Should Possess

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Posted on Aug 30, 2017

Your caregiver is the person who will spend a lot of time with your loved one. They are to be completely dependent on this person for their basic tasks such as eating, dressing, bathing, etc. Are you ready to place them into the care of a complete stranger?

The answer of course would be a “No”. So what are the characteristics that you should look for when you interview the caregiver? Here are some traits the best caregivers possess:

1.     Should Be Attentive

Some elders require some medical attention regularly, and while the doctor may not be available at all times, the caregiver is. This is the reason why he/she must be attentive to any alarming signs that may signal ill health. For example, a rise in body temperature, appetite change over time, skin conditions, etc. This, if observed earlier, can prevent the medical condition from worsening.

2.     Should be Professional

Well obviously, right? While you may think that this is a characteristic of default, you may be surprised at how many caregivers can lack professionalism; they discuss their personal problems, have a negative attitude and some are downright rude. A good caregiver is one who maintains a professional stance, and is polite, no matter what circumstances arise.

3.     Must have a Sense of Responsibility

You know the kinds who just work for the pay. Not a great caregiver. For them, it’s a matter of another human being’s responsibility. If the next shift is running late, they should stick around till they arrive. There are many cases where caregivers leave, and as a result, a diabetic has the wrong meal.

4.     Compassionate & Empathetic

We talked about professionalism and ethics, but how can we leave out the very core of a caregiver’s trait. Most elders feel like they’re not understood. Because they have become dependent or senile, they mustn’t be treated with impatience or resentment, rather compassion and a sense of empathy. A great caregiver will make your senior feel secure and understood.

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