Thanksgiving for Seniors during COVID

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Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Thanksgiving is all about traditions and spending time with family while enjoying good food. Many menu items bring fond memories associated with growing up.

Can’t you smell the turkey roasting, the pumpkin pie as it comes out of the oven and taste the butter on the fresh rolls! It is still happening, perhaps with some modifications due to the pandemic still prevalent.  Seniors are especially vulnerable to catching COVID and they may not be able to join the family unless strict precautions are in place. These precautions may include masks, social distancing, and strict cooking/serving hygiene practices that may be individual servings.

Your senior can assist with simple preparations to help them feel involved with the family holiday meal. Setting the table, buttering rolls, or adding ingredients to their favorite recipe for stuffing may even be projects that children can do with their elderly grandparents.

If your loved one is in an assisted living facility, bring Thanksgiving to them working in collaboration of the facility. Small pumpkins for everyone to decorate with markers, ribbon, fabric, and acrylic paint can be a fun way to connect with your loved one. Laughing and having a memorable experience will highlight a possible new tradition!

Other ideas would be to make a Thankful Tree using clothespins or paper clips to adhere “thankful leaves” of gratitude to a tree. Adhere leaves to a tree branch and set in vase or draw a tree on posterboard and add the leaves with glue. Either way it is a project that allows everyone to participate and share gratitude.

Whatever you do during this special Thanksgiving do it with love and conversation with your loved one. You need them as much as they need you. Reflect and make memories.

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