Technolgy and Seniors

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Posted on Jul 08, 2019

Seniors today have many tools available to them to improve their quality of life especially through communication tools accessible to them. Cells phones, texting, FaceTime and navigating the internet for information or paying bills are a few of the benefits.

Everyone has busy lives but with the use of video chatting, social media, and  FaceTime conversations loved ones from all areas of the country can stay engaged with seniors.

Technology isn’t just for socialization either. Smart phones are now equipped with apps for medication management to track prescription scheduling preventing under or over medicating. Seniors can wear Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to alert family and emergency medical technicians when necessary. There is even a wearable tracking device for seniors with Alzheimer’s to prevent dangerous situations.

Specific video games with motion detection are used by seniors living alone or in nursing homes as a group activity to increase physical activity. Games liked Tetris or Trivial Pursuit played individually or competitively with others can stimulate the mind to recall facts or details. Any physical or mental activity will increase the overall health of your senior.

When introducing a new technology to your senior sell the benefits first of staying in touch with family, improved health and well-being, safety, and ease of communication first without using words unfamiliar to them. The library offers free classes designed to introduce technology to seniors.

Share these benefits with your senior to help them stay connected little by little with advanced technology.

  • Up to date news on their time
  • Recipes online
  • Facebook keeps families and friends connected
  • See friends while talking to them at no fee with Skype and FaceTime
  • Reading with a Kindle text can be enlarged, and books downloaded easily without leaving home.
  • Subscribing to Hulu, Netflix, or Apple TV is less expensive than cable and can be streamed anytime of day without restrictive scheduling

Overall staying in touch with family and friends via technology or having the ability to connect with emergency services easily improves overall mental health.

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