Talking To Your Parents About Senior Home Care

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Posted on Jan 14, 2016

Talking To Your Parents About Senior Home Care

It’s in your mental note list to talk to your parents about senior home care services, but something holds you back. We understand  how hard it can be given the sensitivity of the topic, but the sooner you have the talk the better. It’s usually the emotions and insecurity that your parents feel when you bring it up that make it hard, but it needs to be done so that your parent can get the care that they need. With that being said, here are a few tips about talking to your parents about in-home care.

Don’t Wait to Start the Conversation

It is important to talk to your parents about senior home care when they are healthy and emotionally stable. This will allow you and your parents the time to think over the decisions and reach agreements, which is beneficial for both parties. Remember, your parents would not like to have complete control over their lives taken away so it’s important that you let them make some decisions. Don’t wait for something to happen to them because the emotions involved will cloud your judgement. Start now and start small.

Give Emotional Support

It is natural for aging parents to experience a range of emotions. The anxiety and depression they feel can take its toll as can physical disabilities. Many of the activities that they once enjoyed are now out of the question. Take time out and listen to them. Show them that you care for them and never lose your temper when talking about sensitive issues.


Once you start evaluating the senior home care options with your parents and settle upon something, it’s also important to re-evaluate. Listen to their concerns and see what can be done to remove minor frustrations. It will take time for them to get used to the idea but make things as simple as possible. Taking their opinion and acting upon it will make them feel like they are involved in the process.

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