Short Term Assistance -Post Surgery

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Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Comforts of Home is the in-home care service provider committed to exceptional and personalized care for seniors or any individual experiencing a temporary disability due to having a new baby, recent surgery, or to offer support as a temporary caregiver. Professional caregivers are guarantee quality, professional and friendly service while providing individualized plans of care.

Post-surgery care or new moms may need assistance with non-medical care as they transition back to being in the comforts of home. Our caregivers can assist with prescription pick-ups, grocery shopping, meal preparation, transportation to physician or other appointments, personal hygiene, and any housework needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The first 24 hours after your surgery can be the most challenging for anyone returning home. Individuals may be on medications, unable to walk far, or in need of extra support. Our professional caregivers are here to offer compassionate, highly trained post op care during this time, and support your successful transition as you recuperate from your procedure. Our caregivers can offer support so you can recover quickly.

Dental work, eye surgery, and cancer treatments often require someone to offer transportation, special dietary needs, and restriction of daily activities. Personal care is necessary to ensure a smooth recovery. All services can be customized to individual needs.

Comforts of Home knows that family or friends cannot be there to assist when they have work and family commitments 24/7. Our caregivers provide peace of mind during the healing process to give much needed rest for a fast recovery!


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