Seniors Need to do Activities!

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Posted on Apr 23, 2018

What activities did your senior enjoy doing most of their life?

Were they active in their church? Did they enjoy gardening, reading, music or making things with their hands? Some of their favorite activities can be adapted to their current capabilities even with limited mobility, dexterity, or loss of some of their senses.

With audio books, many seniors can listen to stories through their local library for free. A book club with some friends may be a fun way to share information about the books and socialize. Books can also be downloaded via a Kindle and read aloud.

Raised bed gardens can be situated in small spaces outside or indoors at a level convenient for the caretaker. Very trendy with whole kits available throughout local hardware stores and Amazon. Portable natural fabric bags with handles can grow vegetables, flowers, and even dwarf trees that can moved easily to any location. If the plant grows larger, the bag can be replaced with another bag by loosening the plant soil and slipping into larger bag. Many seniors attend the Master Gardeners classes with Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension office regularly.

Music is known for stimulating the brain activity for patients with dementia by bringing back memories of a time, place, event, or emotion of the listener. Headphones are a fun way to bring the big sounds to them in a convenient manner. Music promotes overall health by reducing stress, increasing positive emotions, and can accelerate recovery from strokes. Create a playlist of their favorite music they can listen to when by themselves. There are concerts that are either free or at a reduced fee by local non-profits including the Conroe Symphony Orchestra.

Supervised baking or cooking meals for others may bring a sense of accomplishment, especially if shared with friends and family. Let your senior bake and contribute to an assisted living community or the church bake sale.

Even if your senior is homebound they can still contribute to charitable organizations. Knitting, making blankets, or assembling care packages for the military may be options that provide a sense of accomplishment.

Daily exercise is vital for improving physical, mental, and psychological well-being. Limited mobility seniors can participate in chair exercises, folding clothes, or simple arm movements to keep the blood flowing. Sunshine is always good for the soul even if just sitting by a window or on a porch.

Therapy dogs can be a wonderful companion with opportunities to groom, feed, or walk the dogs. If keeping a dog is not an option, perhaps a visit to a shelter may bring a smile. Animals seem to bring a sense of joy.

Lastly, play card games, work puzzles, and color! Activities keep the brain stimulated and you will enjoy spending time with your senior.


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