Seniors have Concerns!

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Posted on Apr 05, 2019

As seniors age they have a lot of questions and worry about the answers to these concerns.

  • Healthcare Costs
  • Disease
  • Physical Assistance
  • Loneliness
  • Elder Abuse or Neglect
  • Transportation

How to Age in Place

Healthcare are costs and financial security are probably the biggest issue seniors face. It is important to maintain consistent screenings for disease and natural aging conditions to catch health issues at the beginning level. Seniors must sign up for the appropriate Medicaid, Medicare, or LIS options to get the benefits they need.

Are there any symptoms of dementia, eye sight failure, or osteoporosis evident in everyday living? Share these symptoms with the physician keeping a record of when the symptoms have occurred and for what duration of time. Any medication changes may also have a reflection on symptoms. Seniors rely on family advocates to take proper care of declining health.

Eating well and physical exercise are key components to maintaining your bones and ability to move without assistance. An in-home caregiver can assist with light housekeeping, meal preparation, and errands around town as needed.

Seniors need interaction with people their same age and family. Neglect fosters loneliness and emotional decline. Silver Sneaker Programs, a dog or cat, and visits to a Senior Community Meal can foster relationships to keep seniors active with a sense of self value.

If your senior is in a nursing home or aging in place at home, abuse can happen. Instruct your senior to not give credit card to anyone they do not know via the phone or at their door. If you suspect unusual bruising or unclean situations at the Nursing Home, question the staff immediately. Elderly abuse is a federal crime.

Meals on Wheels offers help with transportation, social interaction, and meals to home-bound seniors. Talk to the experts at Your Comforts of Home with any questions you or your seniors may have to alleviate concerns and get resources. Caring solutions to Elderly Care

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