Seniors and Companionship

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Posted on Nov 04, 2019

Most people need someone to connect with for conversation to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally. When we are alone, we suffer and are at higher risk of dementia and forgetfulness. Seniors worry about their health, their family, and being alone.

Isolation is not an expected characteristic of aging. It is assumed that everyone that ages will have to be isolated, but we can stop that cycle. Companionship, socialization, and community is as much an importance to seniors in their life as it is to us. We can be alone for a while, but we don’t generally stay alone.

It could be a dangerous situation for seniors to be isolated as well. The more isolated a senior is as their health deteriorates, the harder it will be to alert someone if the need arises. Companionship results in positive outcomes any way you look at it.

All of us share our workday, our personal family accomplishments, brag on our kids, or share an event you attended with someone. We do not stay in isolation all day every day. That would be very depressing!


Getting out and doing activities, sharing a conversation, or visiting a friend keeps the brain stimulated, maintains good personal hygiene, and shows caring and support for others. Sharing even a “hello” with a stranger adds value to each day. And don’t we feel good when we are valued?


What can you do to help your aging senior feel valued?

  • Plan activities to get them out of the house
  • Provide transportation
  • Visit and read a book or share a memory
  • Just be present and Listen


We offer companionship for your senior at Comforts of Home as needed. Transportation, light housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance with personal hygiene or just someone to drop by and visit your senior. Local, experienced, and caring solutions for your loved one!

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