Maintaining Personal Hygiene in Elders

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Posted on Oct 06, 2017

Personal hygiene is something that helps us keep fresh, is essential and we all take it for granted. Washing, brushing and combing are part of our daily routine but elders may find these tasks difficult. Not being able to remain hygienically fresh can induce depression and frustration in elders and they might feel dirty. For these reasons, it is important to hire professional senior care at home in Conroe TX through a known home care company in Conroe TX. They will provide trained and experience in home caretakers who are well equipped to take care of the personal hygiene of elders and face all challenges associated with it. Some of these challenges are:

Gaining Trust and Establishing Understanding

Washing and caring for the elderly is a tough task and to establish a routine with them will take time. It is important to discuss everything with them beforehand and let them know the process so that they can feel comfortable and adjusted. It is important to let them what the routine will be so they know exactly what to expect. All these things help establish trust and understanding and professional care givers are trained to do so.

Dealing with Reluctance

Any elder might be reluctant to allow a caregiver manage their personal hygiene. It also causes frustration having to rely on someone else to do your work. Regardless of their illness or mental state, they may feel a loss of self-respect and personal dignity. Professional caregivers are trained to communicate with the elder to make them feel comfortable and help them understand that it is only for their benefit.

Caring For Themselves

Professional caregivers while helping the elder maintain good personal hygiene also encourage them to carry out their own personal hygiene to the extent that they can. This encouragement helps promote independence in them. Even if they are able to manage small tasks, it will install a good feeling in elders.

Establishing a Routine

Elders feel more comfortable when they have a set routine. Routines are more comfortable for them. A professional caregiver will ensure that the senior has a daily routine of personal hygiene and it occurs at a set time. They also communicate the routine and time to them to seek their opinion and if a certain time does not suit them, it can be changed.

Personal hygiene is important in elders and must be carried out by someone if they can’t do it themselves. For more information about personal home care services, visit us here.

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