How to Guard Against Senior Fraud

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Posted on Jan 14, 2016

How to Guard Against Senior Fraud

Senior fraud is a growing concern, and there is a surprising reason for it. People who were born in the 30s, 40s and 50s were raised up to be polite and they find it difficult to say no to someone who is nice to them. Fraudsters also target seniors because of the assets they have accumulated over the years and their tendency to forget things. Seniors may not be able to remember many details if they are the victim of a fraud and that makes them a hot target. Below are some common forms of senior fraud.

Health Insurance or Health Care Fraud

Criminals steal from seniors by promising free medical equipment, but they charge them for it later on. They may ask for payment beforehand only to never deliver the equipment. Fraudsters may also collect insurance payments for fake tests that are never performed. To keep the elderly safe from all kinds of health care frauds, we recommend…

  • seniors should never sign blank insurance claim forms
  • never give blanket authorization in return for medical services
  • avoid entering into a transaction with door to door or telephone salespeople

Counterfeit Prescription Drug Scam

Seniors often fall prey to counterfeit prescription drug scams because they might not pay attention when their drugs are being packaged. The drugs may be changed between refills. Seniors should be very careful when taking their medications and make sure the numbers match their prescription. You should  should also warm them against falling for scams involving product promotions and sales.

Financial Frauds

Financial frauds over the phone or internet are increasing. Common scams are free prizes, inexpensive vacations, and “act now” deals. Seniors must be warned against giving their credit card information or bank account number over the phone or internet. Talk to them about buying over the phone from companies they are not familiar with. If your senior is interested in making a charity donation, research the organization to ensure it is not a scam.

These are just a few example of senior fraud, and you must make sure that your loved ones are protected. If your older parents live alone, arrange for in-home care  so that they can get help with their prescription collection and market trips.

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