Seniors Fraud

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Posted on Aug 18, 2017

Fraud against seniors is a growing concern and there are reasons for that. People who were born in the 30s, 40s and 50s were raised up to be polite and they find it difficult to say no to someone who is nice to them. Fraudsters also target seniors because of the nest egg that they have formed until this age and their banking on their forgetfulness. Fraudsters hope seniors will not remember many details to provide to the police and so seniors become hot targets. Some frauds that seniors are susceptible to are:

Health Insurance or Health Care Fraud

Criminals steal from seniors by promising free medical equipment and later charging for them or asking for payment beforehand while the equipment never gets delivered. Other ways to rob seniors of their money is through bill insurance for fake tests that are never performed. To keep them safe from all kinds of health care frauds seniors should never sign blank insurance claim forms, never give blanket authorization in return for medical services and avoid entering into a transaction with door to door or telephone salespeople.

Counterfeit Prescription Drug Scam

Seniors often fall prey to counterfeit prescription drug scams because they might not pay attention when their drugs are being packaged. They may be changed between refills and so seniors should be very careful when taking their prescription and check the numbers of their prescriptions drugs. Seniors should also be warned against falling for product promotions and sales as these may be associated with counterfeit products.

Financial Frauds

Financial frauds over the phone or internet are increasing and may rob a senior of their financial cushion. These include giving away free prizes, inexpensive vacation, and “act now” deals. Seniors must be warned against giving their credit card information or bank account number over the phone. Talk to them about not buying over the phone especially from a company they do not know about and if it is a charity donation they want to make, wait for a written approval from the charity ensuring that they are legitimate.

These are some of the frauds seniors fall prey to and you must warn them to protect themselves against it. If your older parents live alone, arrange for home-helper services in Conroe, TX to assist their prescription collection and market trips. Such senior care at home in Conroe, TX will ensure that all the needs of your elderly parents are met and they are living securely in their home.

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