Holidays are a lonely time for Seniors

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Posted on Nov 19, 2018

Loneliness can cause depression, lack of eating, physical illness, and sometimes loss of life. The holidays can be one of the loneliest times for our seniors.

One in three elderly seniors describe themselves as lonely. What can you do? Include them in making homemade ornaments for their home or to give away to friends and family. Supervised baking for others may bring a sense of accomplishment, especially if shared with friends and family. Let your senior bake and contribute to an assisted living community or their neighbors.

Have you taken a holiday photo of the family? Send it to your senior with a Christmas card in the mail so they feel important.  Does your senior have a pet? What about taking the dog or cat to get a photo with Santa. Many of the pet stores do this for a low fee.

Bring your senior to local holiday tree lightings, caroling activities, or church programs that will help them relive positive memories of years gone by. If your children have school events, include your seniors in the fun.

Decorate their living space whether aging in place, a nursing home, or even their bedroom with Christmas items that remind them there are people who care. Involvement in your life is key to a successful Christmas season with the people you care about year-round.

Be aware of signs of decline in seniors during the holiday season.

  • Sudden weight loss from medication, depression, or a new illness
  • Changes in mobility or coordination
  • State of confusion
  • Changes in lifestyle maintenance including lack of hygiene or disorganization

Make sure there are plans in place to assist with medical, financial, and legal decisions before problems occur.

Let us guide you in the right direction. We are here to offer information and resources, anytime.

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