Do the Seniors in Your Life Need Companionship Services?

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Posted on Jan 14, 2016

Do the Seniors in Your Life Need Companionship Services?

As we grow older, the ability to travel to meet our friends and socialize gradually diminishes. Our joints restrict us, the pains of arthritis kick in, and medication tends to slow us down. This is what it’s like for our elders. Most of us are working on a full time job, and cannot be available to spend time with them. What then? Do we allow them to live in seclusion? It doesn’t have to be so.

Your elders need to have some personal conversation or a sense of friendship with others. This is where companionship services steps in. It’s much more than just taking care of the basic needs of your senior. Here’s how:

What Your Senior Companion Will Do

The role of companionship services for elders is significant. It aims to fulfill the social need of your elder while helping them maintain a level of dignity and independence. Using a more friendly approach, the senior companion accomplishes all the duties and allows the elder to participate. They also assist with activities like walking, sorting bills and acting as an escort.

Still not sure? Take a closer look at what companion home care services can provide for the elderly:

Personal Assistance

  • Plan and prepare nutritional meals; clean up after

  • Remind and give medication

  • Keep check of health

  • Assist with daily activities

  • Grooming and dressing

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Sorting mail

Social Interaction

  • Escort for any social event

  • Engage in conversation

  • Help plan activities

  • Reading to elders

  • Taking walks

  • Taking part in recreational activities, like board games, cards, etc

Household Activities

  • Assist with pets

  • Help fill out forms or writing letters

  • Supervise maintenance

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