Easy Access Clothing Choices for Elders

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Posted on Oct 06, 2017

If your elder suffers from arthritis or Parkinson Disease, you have a general idea of how challenging getting dressed can be. What can you do in instances like these? How do you make it simpler for them?

Easy access clothing is the best way that lets your seniors be more comfortable; minimizing the frustration they may feel while getting dressed.

Here are some types of easy accessible clothing ideas that you can get for your elder!

Clothing Style

This can reduce the amount of struggle to get into or out of the clothes. Get outfits that are loose fitting, as they are easier to manage. Refrain from picking clothes that are heavy. They can be difficult to lift and put on. Check out these types, specifically:

1.     Backward Shirts

If you’ve hired help or a nurse to assist your elder with her personal care, then you will understand that traditional outfits can be quite bothersome. If the shirt is a buttoned down from the front, this can be awkward for your elder. This is why, getting a shirt that buttons or hooks from the back, are ideal for situations like these.

2.     Clothes with No Buttons/ Go for Pullovers or Zip Aids

With flexibility issues in the limbs, buttons provide a great hassle for your older one. Pick outfits that have no buttons, specially the really tiny ones. Go for something simpler like zips and snaps. This could really speed up the dressing process.


Laces, again, are another menace. The bending over to tie a lace is impossibility at the older age. As an alternative, there are several slip-on shoes that several companies now produce. These are specifically designed as adaptive wears for elders.


Don’t be afraid to let them dress up. This could be good for them. Simple jewelry pieces like a leather-strap watch, clasp or magnetic-end bracelets, and easily adjustable necklaces are best options. Because of its adjustability, it prevents loss of accessories.

To make sure you get the right help, be sure to hire a home care services for your elderly. Lucky for you, Comforts of Home has the solution for all your requirements!

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