Take Care of Aging Parents Without A Home Care Provider?

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Posted on Jan 14, 2016

Take Care of Aging Parents Without A Home Care Provider?

The senior population of the US is predicted to reach 23% by 2034. There is an increasing need for formal and informal care. While it is a absolutely necessary to take care of your parents, it can become increasingly demanding and emotionally straining considering life’s other responsibilities such as raising kids and handling your job. You may want to consider hiring a home care provider in order to ease some of your burden. Caregivers offer assistance in all areas of elder life such as light home maintenance, personal care services and companionship services. If you decide to take care of your parents without a home care provider, you will have to think about…

Talking About Their Activities and Daily Routine

As parents age there are certain things they may have to give up such as driving and that may make them feel frustrated. Although it is a safety concern for you, they will take it as a loss of their independence. Their deteriorating health may also hamper their active social life. When you talk about such changes with them, avoid getting into an argument. While you have their best interests at heart, the change can make them feel bitter. Try to be supportive about it rather than imposing it on them.

Talking About Their Health and Finances

Another challenge that you may face is talking to them about their health and finance. Parents don’t like discussing their finances with their children and may become stubborn when it comes to choosing health care at home. While it is extremely important to talk about these things, keep in mind that it may also cause friction between you and your parents. Don’t be too direct about their finances and try asking them about their financial or legal adviser to see where you might get information from.

Managing Your Life and Work

While it is your responsibility to take care of your parents, you may find it challenging to be there for them all the time. You might find you are getting calls from home and may start lagging behind in your personal responsibilities. Caring for an aging parent can become increasingly difficult as they require more and more attention and care.

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