Caregivers during the Pandemic

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Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Caregivers are on the frontline caring for those in need with much love and compassion. Many caregivers are putting their own fears aside and caring for our most vulnerable population. Caregivers are following CDC guidelines to protect themselves and the person they are caring for. Homecare providers are considered an essential business, especially while their clients are the most vulnerable populations to get seriously ill. Caregivers love what they do to help the elderly or people with disabilities that cannot do things by themselves. These workers go above and beyond assisting with housework, hygiene, and meal preparation to name but a few. The home-care system is a much-needed industry with home health aides being the third largest growing occupation in the United States. Caregivers do not want clients to be sick nor do they want to carry the infection home. Agencies and staff are diligently trying to keep everyone safe by following CDC guidelines.

During the COVID crisis caregivers need to do more self-care through positive self-talk, getting sleep, and eating healthy. This includes family members who are acting as caregivers during this time of the pandemic.

To maintain your mental health as a caregiver, try to do as many routine things as you can. Wake up, eat healthy, go outside every day and get enough rest. Your sleep can influence your adjusted attitude throughout the day.

Lack of sleep will contribute to fatigue and possible depression. Relax and get a good night sleep by practicing a nightly routine of sitting on the edge of the bed, relaxing your face muscles, allow your arms to dangle freely, breathe in and out listening to your breath, relax your chest and legs, clear your mind for 10 seconds at a time, and imagine yourself swinging in a hammock. Do not let anything enter your mind.

After 2 minutes of relaxation, turn off light and lay down to sleep. A weighted blanket may also reduce anxiety for a better sleep without stress. Try not to consume yourself with things out of your control.

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