7 Reasons Growing Older Is Fantastic

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Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Getting older can seem scary or it can be great, it all depends on your outlook. You attitude determines your altitude so think positive and it will be positive. It’s not getting old, it’s growing. You don’t “get” old. It’s not something you grab at the store. You GROW old, because you grow with time. In wisdom, strength, and perspective. It doesn’t mean things go perfectly rarely anything does. It means you have the will and strength to overcome.  GROWING old is actually fantastic, and let us tell you 7 reasons why.

1. Confidence Boost

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As the saying goes, “Some Things Get Better With Time.” That is quite true about getting older. Over the years, we have plenty of time when we are young to make stupid mistakes and unhealthy risks. We learn from our mistakes and adjust our attitude and thought process. Over time, those experience give us a wisdom gained only with time. So with age, comes learning, and learning spurs wisdom which boosts confidence. Confidence is a trait that all people want to possess, and it is attractive as well. When it is combined it with a grounded soul that confidence will always bring good things and a defined purpose.

2. More Depth in Relationships

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As we get older, we look around and see which relationships we still have that are strong. The meaningless acquaintances and shallow relationships of our youth did not weather time and passed away. What we are left with though are quality bonds, people who have been around for a decade or more. People that know us on a deeply personal level and are accountable to us, and we are accountable to them. Friends like that are not people to kill time with; they are people to build something together. It’s all about fellowship, and that depth only comes with time and wisdom.

3. A Pattern of Stability

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No one can predict the future, so hopefully in our youth, we made decisions that will positively impact our later years. When we repeatedly learn to weather the ups and downs of life, we gain a certain footing that keeps us on an even keel. It doesn’t come overnight it takes patience and the realization that we aren’t trying to make a living but make a life.

4. The Student Becomes the Teacher

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When we are young, we seek out people to emulate, to mentor us in a way. People that inspire us to be better and to follow their path. Sometimes we make mistakes and emulate the wrong people, but with time, wisdom is gained. We shed immature behavior and influences. We begin to emulate and learn from healthy influences and over time, we end up being that same influence to the generation behind us. That time is now; it’s our turn to be the teacher. Take pride in that and be grateful for the impact we can make in a youth’s life.

5. Family Comes First ALWAYS.

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To be able to watch our children become their own person, a grown adult making major life choices is such a blessing. We get to see the fruits of our hard labor and see the imprint we made on our children in their youth. It really makes us appreciate the bond of family and the fact that it is woven into our DNA to protect that unit. Putting family first is the sign of a wise, mature individual. Cherish every moment you get with your family.

6. Think Attractive. Be Attractive.

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This is pretty simple it is a fact that not all of us are given bodies of Adonis or Aphrodite. Not everyone will age like a Harrison Ford or Audrey Hepburn. But that is ok, with gained wisdom comes great confidence, which to those who have lived, is VERY attractive. Our spouse will see it, and others will too. We just begin to realize that surface is so fleeting and what is truly attractive is what is eternal, our soul.

7. We are Stronger than Ever.

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We’ve had some bumps, some bruises and let’s be real, some downright crises on our way here. BUT WE ARE HERE. Let that sink in for a moment, we struggled and made it through STRONGER and WISER. While everyone’s circumstances are different, the experience is the same. Pain is beautiful; it means we took chances, we faced adversity and survived. It is the basic instinct of man to survive. We have been forged in the fire like iron and come out tempered and strong. We can accomplish anything because we have failed and survived at many things. Accept failure, do not accept not trying, for it is failure that is the precursor to victory.


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