5 Signs Your Elderly Parents Need Help

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Posted on Jan 14, 2016

5 Signs Your Elderly Parents Need Help

Over the years, age tends to take a toll on your parents. The wrinkles become more accentuated, the graying of the hair more prominent, and pain in the limbs. While all these are physical signs of aging, it doesn’t necessarily render your parent unable to take care of themselves. On the other hand, along with these changes in physique, they tend to become dependent on us.

The question, however, is: Can you read the signs? Will you be able to understand when your elderly parent now requires help to perform the most basic task?

Here are 5 signs that will indicate when help is needed:

Sign 1: Forgetfulness

Lately, have you begun to notice that your parent hasn’t been taking his/her medication timely because they can’t remember to? Or they keep can’t remember where they put something? Maybe they don’t even pay the bills on time? If the condition persists, it is important that medical assessment be conducted.

Sign 2: Loss of Appetite

Over time, as we grow older, our senses tend to become less sensitive. No longer do we see bright colors the way we did when we were 25. The senses of taste and smell also take a hit.. Because your elderly parent may have trouble viewing recipes or tasting foods, their appetite will diminish. Trouble with the immune system may also play a role. Make a difference by hiring a caregiver to prepare appropriate meals.

Sign 3: Lack of Involvement in activities & Socializing

Was your father the social butterfly last year, and now has started to avoid his friends? Ask him why he doesn’t spend time with his friends anymore. There’s a possibility he may just have a hearing problem and has been too embarrassed to mention it. Most parents have difficulty dealing with hearing and sight loss. It may not seem like an obvious reason but many times older adults stop socializing for because of a decline in their senses.

Sign 4: Change in Moods

You might notice that your mom or dad has become more irritable lately or have started to become too loud while conversing. Lookout for such changes in behavior. Try different strategies to help your parent cope. It might be the heat getting to them. If it continues, contact a physician so you can have a better grasp of the situation.

Sign 5: Neglecting Hygiene

During old age, simple tasks become a dreaded chore. Combing your hair may seem like a mountainous task. Keep a check on their hygiene. Have they been skipping showers or not changing their clothes regularly? Talk to them and ask them if they require help. At first, they may show some reservation, but once you make them comfortable, they may start to open up a little more.

If you feel that you’ve seen all or most of these signs in your parent, it is recommended to get them some assistance. Hire the right senior home care agency to make life easier for your elderly parent!

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